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Telair air conditioners are available from 1050watt to 3015wattt cooling capacity and 1050watt to 3200watt heat capacity.


The silent range of air conditioners is powered from a 230v mains source and are suitable for vehicles 4mtr to 8.5mtr.


The aperture needed to fit the air conditioner is 400x400 which is the same as fitted sky lights, the silent range also have heat pump technology which will give air-conditioning and heat from the same source.


Silent 3800h to the 8300h are all controlled by remote control and has an internal facia of only 62mm deep.


Silent 12000h has a digital control panel inset to the facia but a remote panel is optional the facia depth is 70mm.

Eberspecher Teleco CTEK Telair Onan


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