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Why do Vehicles Require Air Conditioning


Over the last few years air conditioning has become a familiar feature on many types of vehicle. Today nearly all medium and large cars have air conditioning as standard equipment and it is becoming increasingly popular on many other types of commercial vehicle.


Many people used to believe that air conditioning was only required in tropical, or at least Mediterranean climates. This is no longer the belief as more and more people realise the benefits of air conditioning vehicles here in the U.K.


Whether our summers are actually getting warmer or not is open to debate, but what is certain is that today's congested roads and lifestyle means that people are spending much more time in vehicles. Air conditioning not only reduces the general temperature on extremely hot days but also makes the general environment within the vehicle much more comfortable even on average days.


On a sunny spring or autumn day where the outside temperature is only 15 degrees, the interior temperature can reach over 30 degrees. In addition air conditioning can reduce uncomfortable levels of humidity and pollution within the vehicle.


Difference Between A/C and Climate Control

Eberspacher are especially qualified to offer fully automatic climate control units combining the benefits of Eberspacher's range of independent fuel fired heaters and air conditioning equipment.


More and more customers are now specifying Climate Control units, especially for vehicles operating in busy urban areas.


A lot of people appreciate the benefits of air conditioning, but the benefits of Climate control are only just beginning to become more widely appreciated. Whereas air conditioning is usually only used on warm days, climate control systems give benefits all year round.


Climate control systems have an air conditioning unit combined with an Eberspacher Hydronic water heater, providing air to both driver and saloon passengers at any user selected temperature between 18 and 28 degrees Centigrade.


This temperature is regulated and remains constant whether night or day, winter or summer. The fan speeds are also automatically regulated.


This system thus provides dehumidified warm air on wet winter days as well as cool dry air in summer. The windows of the vehicle are kept free of condensation and the driver and passenger feel more comfortable all year round. Since there is no need for a separate air heater in climate systems, customers do not have a problem locating the air heater in a vehicle with flexible seating.


Eberspacher Climate Control systems are fitted as standard equipment on the Optare Alero and are optional on many other manufacturers minibuses as well as an increasing number of specialist applications.


Why Choose an Eberspächer System?


  • Cool fresh air on warm days.
  • Warm dry air on humid wet days.
  • Clear mist free windows.
  • Reduced intake of pollen and pollutants.
  • Reduced noise and increased security by driving with windows closed.
  • Manufactured by the World's largest automotive component supplier.
  • 5000 dealers for service & warranty cover throughout Europe.
  • Wide model range with systems available for most chassis.
  • Systems can also be configured with additional rear mounted evaporator to provide cool air to rear passenger compartment.
  • Air Conditioning for Trucks


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