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Truck Parking Coolers for Every Need

Eberspächer is launching a range of electric, parking coolers for retrofitting – delivering power of up to 1.4 kW. With its especially flat design, the Cooltronic G2 Slim Hatch is also the first air-conditioning system for elevated driver’s cabs.
An electrically-operated parking cooler in the truck makes for restful breaks and thus for a pleasant working atmosphere. At the start of the season, the thermal management specialist Eberspächer has extended its Cooltronic range and is now launching the second generation of the roof-mounted Cooltronic G2 Hatch stationary AC-Systems, which will in future comprise three models. With its range of power categories and dimensions, the model family offers an appropriate solution for every requirement
Basic model the Cooltronic 1000 G2 Hatch delivers 1 kW and the Cooltronic 1400 G2 Hatch, with an output of 1.4 kW, offers maximum power in the parking coolers sector. It is therefore ideal for larger cabs and areas of operation where outside temperatures are relatively high. With a height of 11.6 cm, the Cooltronic 1400 G2 Slim Hatch is extremely flat while delivering identical power and, despite height restrictions, is therefore the first roof-mounted climate control option for vehicles with very high driver’s cabs

With their one-piece, compact design, all the new models ensure good drag coefficients. The Cooltronic Hatch concept is designed for rapid and easy installation in the truck. Thus, for instance, the units are already filled with CFC-free refrigerant ready for operation and customized installation kits for specific vehicle types make installation extremely uncomplicated. In addition, the well-engineered technology requires no elaborate maintenance
To enable the Cooltronic to be installed in virtually all driver’s cabs of trucks and commercial vehicles, beside the new Hatch models two additional types are available, each as split units. In both versions the evaporator unit is mounted on the inside of the truck’s rear wall and, as a result, cools the rear part of the cab in particular for rest and sleep breaks. The Cooltronic Back has a condenser-compressor unit for mounting on the outside of the truck’s rear wall. The Cooltronic Top is the ideal solution for fixed roof structures. All Cooltronic models are supplied with energy via the vehicle’s 24-volt electrical system and thus operate independently of the engine. Thanks to state-of-the-art engineering, the parking cooler systems consume extremely little electricity and conserve the vehicle’s battery. Integrated undervoltage protection ensures the engine has enough power to start at all times.

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