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External underneath mount fixed gas tanks


These refillable tanks are quality 4 hole type as fitted to many OEMs around the UK and Europe.


Tank sizes are from 20 ltrs to 116 ltrs , they hold 20% less than their listed amount due to the automatic 80% float driven shut off filling valve in the tank when filled with gas, meaning you will never overfill the tank even when only part of the gas has been used – they always fill up to 80%.


The gas outlet on the manual tap is the UK specification 109 nut and thread which is known as the butane nut and fitting. If you have a propane pigtail ( UK Pol ) fitted to your existing gas install you can either buy a separate new butane pigtail or a pol to butane adapter- both are available from ourselves at a small extra cost.  Fully EU approved and fitted to comply with the NCC code of practise.


306. Issue 1.


GAS IT Refillable Motorhome & Caravan Bottles.


When you already have a GAS IT or Gaslow or even an Alugas refillable bottle but want to add a second one so they both can be piped up to fill together then this is the 2nd bottle you need to order. It is identical in every way to the normal GAS IT and Gaslow refillables bottles except it comes with the required gas fittings to allow you to connect this 2nd bottle to the first with your connection pipe bought separately.


Also can be supplied and fitted as a kit.


Currently we only offer a Supply and Install service for this product.

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