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Teleco have a full range of terrestrial aerials through to fully automatic satellite systems.

There are two types of terrestrial aerials, directional and Omni-directional


With the Directional aerials you raise the aerial rotate and with polarity direction mechanism adjust from horizontal to vertical all from inside the vehicle .these aerials are suitable for analog and digital signals and supplied with a 12/230 volt low noise amplifier.

The Omni-directional aerials have no need for any manual adjustment just fit to the roof wire in and away you go suitable for analog and digital signals and supplied with low noise 12/230 amplifier.


There are 3 types of Teleco satellite systems manual/semi automatic and full automatic.


The very basic system is the portable carry sat basically a dish on a tripod with either a 65cm dish or an 85cm dish.

Teleco Options

Teleco have the voyager digimatic range of manual satellite systems with 50/65/85cm dish systems available with the dish on the roof of the vehicle and the positioning of the dish been done inside this makes for a very cost effective way of receiving satellite systems coupled with the dsf80/e finding the correct satellite is simple.


Semi automatic satellite systems are the same as the voyager digimatic but with a motorised wind up systems so no longer do you have to raise the dish by turning the handle manually you just press the switch and motorsat lifts the dish to the desired angle but rotating the dish is done manually.


Fully automatic satellite systems are available in 50/65/85cm dish and with optional twin lnb and internet. All operations are performed on a simple wall panel via 3 keys only!


Automotive electrical can install the Teleco product from just fitting the dish/aerial to wiring up receivers and TV’s a total one stop shop.


We have spare dishes and mount plates in stock and hold over 80 spare parts in the event of a component failure our staff have been fully trained on fitments repairs and trouble shooting.


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Dome Satellite Systems

Available in single or twin autoskew to give maximum signal reception in all locations. The 32cm high for the lower profile look and the 39cm high for maximum reception in Europe. Single cable 12v connection from indoor control unit to dome, single button operation. No complicated procedure at all, powers off when satellite found.


1 year parts and labour warranty 2nd year RTB warranty.

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